USAID BEP Assists in Local Governments' Implementation of Program Budgeting

On June 22, USAID BEP participated in a conference for local governments on expenditure management. The conference was organized by the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities (SCTM), which presented recommendations for enhancing program budgeting methodology based on a series of workshops with local authorities that focused on lessons learned during the first year of implementation of program budgeting. These improvements should result in more informative presentation of policy measures in the budget and direct comparison of results achieved by various municipalities. The next edition of the Ministry of Finance’s Program Budgeting Methodology will comprise these lessons learned. At this event, local government officials, the Ministry of Finance’s Treasury Administration, and USAID BEP exchanged ideas about additional improvements to program budgeting practice. USAID BEP emphasized the importance of introducing firm reporting procedures and mechanisms as an additional step towards full implementation of program budgeting.  Towards this end, USAID BEP will support the Ministry of Finance in strengthening the regulatory framework for the reporting procedures.





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