Commodity Exchange Law Drafting Group moves toward completion of the law

USAID BEP is a member of the Ministry of Foreign and Internal Trade and Telecommunications working group that is drafting a Commodity Exchange Law.  The first draft has been completed and was released for initial stakeholder feedback ( ). The drafting group is now focusing on the regulatory impact assessment of this piece of legislation. The group met on July 31, 2013 in Novi Sad to finalize the first draft of the regulatory impact assessment. This method of evaluating the economic impact of the proposed law will show whether new regulation will have a positive influence on the growth of the commodity market. It will also answer the questions of whether a new piece of legislation is needed, what the likely costs of implementation are, and what the effects of the proposed law are envisaged to be on small and medium-sized enterprises, farmers, the government, and other stakeholders. By involving a broad group of stakeholders in the drafting group will provide transparency and full focus on the regulatory impact assessment during the drafting process. The Ministry of Internal and External Trade and Telecommunication aims to provide an example of best practice in law drafting.

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